Entering the Rally

Vehicle entries for this years rally are now open. Please note that vehicle entry packs are due to be sent out in early July, please be patient in the meantime. If you submit a form and see the success message then we have received your entry.

Please complete the form below:

    Vehicle Details:

    Your Details:

    If you have any questions or require any other assistance please contact us via the Contact page.

    Please note the conditions of vehicle entry:

    1. Entries must be presented in a clean, complete and safe working condition.
    2. All vehicle entries must be insured against third party risks, (a copy of your insurance document will be required to show that it will be valid for the event) fully licensed and tested in accordance with the regulations applicable to that type of vehicle for road use. The organising committee reserves the right to ask for proof of these items. a) For vehicles carrying passengers on our free services each vehicle must have a Class 6 or 5 MOT, those exempt from an MOT must have an inspection sheet complete with brake test from the 8 weeks prior to the event available on the day.
    3. Owners must ensure that all drivers are fully qualified in law to handle the class of vehicle exhibited. They must also carry the relevant driving license on them at all times. (a copy of your license will be required to show that it will be valid for the event).
    4. No exhibit’s engine shall be left running unattended. All unattended vehicles shall be left securely braked and/or chocked.
    5. A speed limit of 10 mph shall apply to all vehicles in all rally areas.
    6. Drivers and/or owners must pay full regard to any rally marshal’s instructions and conduct themselves in a manner which will not inconvenience other road users or other persons at any time during the event.
    7. If any vehicles are to remain on the rally site after the closure of the road has been lifted, they must be parked safely and legally at the kerbside by 1800hrs (6 pm) to allow re-opening of the road to normal traffic (the road closure permit requires that the road be opened to normal traffic no later than 1900hrs [7.00 pm]).
    8. Buses entered in the rally must use the route via Heene Road or the seafront from the Pier direction in order to enter the rally site at its eastern entry barrier.

    If you need any further information or assistance, please contact us. A PDF copy of the entry form can be downloaded here.